KONG FU PANDA 2 (0:11:38)
MR. PING: Oh, it's so good to see you, Po! Have you lost weight? I __________ (can) almost put my wings around you!
PO: Ahh, well, maybe a little.
MR. PING: Oh, poor you, you must feel weak! Let me get you some soup.
PO: Oh, that's okay dad, I'm not hungry.
MR. PING: Not hungry, Po, you alright?
PO: Yeah, yeah, no, I'm fine. It's just... Earlier today, I was fighting these bandits.
MR. PING: [Partly listening] Uh-huh...
PO: Nothing too dangerous, they were just...
MR. PING: Yeah.
PO: Then the strangest thing __________ (happen). I __________ (see) this crazy vision. I think I __________ (see) my mom... and me... as a baby...
MR. PING: Wa, Wa, Wow... a baby?
PO: Uh, Dad, how do I say this? Where __________ (do/come) from?
MR. PING: Well, you see, son, uhhh... baby geese come from a little egg. Don't ask me where the egg comes from!
PO: Dad, that's not what I __________ (mean).
MR. PING: [Sighs] I know it's not. I think it's time I you something I should've told you a long time ago.
PO: [Nervous] Okay...
MR. PING: You might have been kind of a... a... adopted.
PO: I __________ (know) it!
MR. PING: You __________ (know)? Oh, who __________ (tell) you?
PO: No one, I mean, c'mon Dad!
MR. PING: But if you ______ (know), then why didn't ever say anything?
PO: Why __________ (do not) you __________ (tell) anything? [Pause.] How __________ (do) I __________ (get) here, Dad? Where __________ (do) I __________ (come) from?
MR. PING: Actually, you __________ (come) from this.
MR. PING: It __________ (to be) just another day at the restaurant, time to make the noodles...
MR. PING: I __________ (go) to the back, where my vegetables, has just been delivered. There __________ (to be / not) cabbages, turnips, radishes.
MR. PING: Only, there __________ (to be) no radishes. Just a very hungry, baby panda.
MR. PING: There ______ (to be)no note, of course, you could've eaten it. I __________ (look) for someone to come looking for you... but no one __________ (do).
MR. PING: I __________ (bring) you inside... __________ (feed) you... __________ (give) you a bath... and ______ (feed) you again... and again... I __________ (try) to put some pants on you.
MR. PING: And then I __________ (make) a decision that would change my life forever...
To make my soup without radishes... and raise you as my own son. Xiao Po... my little panda. And from that moment on, both my soup and my life have been that much sweeter.
MR. PING: And, little Po, that's end of the story. Look at me! No, don't look at me.
PO: That's it? That can't be it! There's gotta be more, dad!